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UTAX Gmbh has been a trade mark for professional office technology since 1961. | Splash MFP Ltd

One Of The UK's Leading Printing And Copier Specialists

Splash MFP are an authorised Utax partner and are happy to offer you the latest innovations in photocopier and print solutions.

With our local and national technicians offering a friendly and efficient ongoing support package.


Our average fix time is under 4 hours in 90% of all call-outs.

Service That Is Tailored To Your Company Needs

Splash MFP can offer a tailored service package to suit your company requirements from small home office customers to multi-photocopier systems that have the option of using our bespoke software to manage the most cost-effective route for your copying, printing and scanning requirements.

What Is Managed Print Service

Let Splash MFP take control of your printing costs. With a Managed Print Service option you have a fixed monthly cost that includes supplying the printer hardware and an agreed amount of prints including all toner, parts and service back up.

Managed prints services start from as little as £25.00 per month plus vat.

Canon Photocopier Systems

A full range of new and X showroom Canon photocopier systems can be supplied and serviced by Splash MFP.  With over 30 years combined knowledge of both Utax and Canon photocopier systems, Splash MFP can help you streamline your company's print operations and reduce print and copy cost expenditures.

Free Of Charge Print Audit ' Save Money '

Do you know how much your company spends on its combined photocopying and printing costs per month?


Let Splash MFP help you.

How does it work?

Every month your company spends money on lease rental, toners, ink cartridges etc. Splash MFP can advise you if you are utilizing the best hardware and toners.

This audit will take approximately 30 minutes and has a no obligation promise. We are confident that after this visit we can provide a report highlighting the areas that your company can save money.  

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