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What you "don't" want to do when buying your next copier | printer

Procuring capital equipment for your business can never really be something that's considered fun, can it?

You need it but it isn't sexy, like your new car or apple mac. You need it, but let's be honest, you don't particularly want it. Apart from very few organisations it's not a money-spinner for you.

Furthermore, you have to deal with pushy salespeople who more than likely will throw lease, rental and service logarithms at you that make your utility bills look like the Beano by comparison - let alone how it will benefit your bottom line.

But, as I said, you need it.

When I started doing this as a fresh-faced late teenager back in the *ahem...1980s, it was quite simple.

As a business you'd know roughly how many things you needed to take a photocopy of over a given month and a signature on a pretty simple rental plan would see a nice new, shiny photocopier the size of a snooker table delivered the following week.

Printing wasn't even mainstream and scanning...that's what hospitals did.

So, here are my top five "don'ts" to making sure you make the right decision, next time you have to buy something you need, but don't want:

1 - Don't do anything until you've done your own print audit

We can help you with this but don't just assume that you need what you've always had.

Likewise, are you printing / scanning less than you did when you installed the (or many devices) that you are looking to replace.

Take a look at your service costs and see if there's a trend in usage. If it's dropping - which may be the case as the digital age evolves - you may be able to actually make a saving. Just think about where that money could be best used elsewhere...

2 - Don't order extra toppings unless you really need them

Do you need the additional extras? The salesperson may hone in on the perceived benefits of an extra that isn't really of benefit to your business, such as finishing or document archiving.

So, despite how amazing it may sound, always strip it back to basics and ask: " What do I need to fulfil a role for the next three / five years?"

3 - Don't opt for the cheapest option

If you buy cheap you buy twice, the old saying goes.

As it happens, the cheapest option may be the best for your business but it's always advisable to look at total cost of ownership (a cheaper device may be more expensive to run).

There's no point in looking at a short-term gain only to get long-term pain.

4 - Don't sign anything...

...Yes, believe it or not we wouldn't want you to sign anything until you are sure you are taking the right purchase route.

For instance, should you sign a cheque, a lease or a rental plan? All have their benefits but it must be tailored to suit your needs. In addition, leasing agreements can be a minefield, so ask an experienced colleague, or your preferred supplier to talk you through the Ts and Cs, what penalties may occur and what the benefits of each option are.

5 - Don't do it alone

The Internet is a a great resource and it should be used to help you decide what you may need. But you should always speak to a professional to ensure you are covering all your needs, that you are not going to have any networking issues, to ensure you have a swift and reliable back up service and of course, so that you and all your staff are fully trained and supported too.

If any of this rings a bell, or you recognise something that you "don't" want to do, then call now 01452 473473 or fill in our Splash MFP Ltd contact form and we'll be right back in touch. 

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